December 2nd-25th :

​Mii Art Tokyo solo exhibition

​Gland Nikko Tokyo Daiba Gallery21 in TOKYO


November 2nd-30th :

special exhibition at G735 GALLERY in GINZA TOKYO (銀座)

September : 

one night special exhibition (Roppongi Art Night) at KRISTAL & GRAM GALLERY in ROPPONGI TOKYO(六本木)


August :




May :

Tokyo International Art Fair at Hikarie in SHIBUYA TOKYO (渋谷)



Mii got an interview on digital magazine in Dubai.



“I usually paint portrait having my favorite wine and listening to good music. Sometimes the name of portrait comes from music title, or just from my feelings.” 

Art is a form of expression, and Mii definitely expresses herself with her life like paintings. These paintings, primarily of the face, are so raw and natural and beautiful, they latch one tightly too your soul. Here is what Mii had to say about her incredible art when we spoke to her:

Is there any reason in particular that you’ve chosen to create art around pop culture icons?

It’s very natural for me to create art. I love drawing and painting since my childhood. This portrait style, however, I began several years ago when I lived in Hong Kong. I was excited with a lot of street arts and sophisticated galleries in the city. Its great vigor and cultural diversity inspired me strongly as well. Now I have no reason to be without doing art.


Is there anyone in the art world who inspires you?

I cannot point out any names in particular.  I am always influenced by various arts and artists all around the world. Among them I am interested in most is abstract arts and dynamic street arts.

How do you come up for the names of your paintings, such as “Hotness No. 47” and “Back In The Day No. 49”?

I usually paint portrait having my favorite wine and listening to good music. Sometimes the name of portrait comes from music title, or just from my feelings. For example, “Hotness” and “Back In The Day” are from music titles.


You primarily draw the face. Is there any reason you don’t draw any other parts of the body?

Face is the most interesting theme for me. For some reason I find “speaking eyes” irresistible!


When did you begin making custom paintings? What is that like?

I began it at the same time when I started painting portrait in Hong Kong. I always enjoy that. It is my great pleasure to dedicate art works to clients.

What is it like being an artist in Tokyo? Is there a lot of competition?

Lots of competition, of course, exists behind the art scene of Tokyo as well as other advanced cities of the world. I always would rather enjoy such kind of environment. No artwork shines without polishing.

  Are there any galleries you hope to take your art to in the future?

I sometimes receive invitations or offers of exhibition recently. It is a great luck to me. I thank all of them. But now I am still on the stage of making research to find out what galleries best match my works.


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